About Us

Elegancy and affluence combined

Comfortable Rooms

Choose from the four carefully-designed options. Whether you opt for a standard or VIP, you’ll experience the comfort the likes of which you’ve never had.

Top-Notch Service

While your privacy is our core value, we’re always around. So, whenever you want food served to your room or some other extra service, give us a call and we’ll be there instantaneously.

Convenience of Home

Luxury and elegance are the cornerstones of the Bergamo experience. But we remembered to make our rooms as convenient as yours at home.

Cozy City

The cradle of civilization, Armenia in general and Yerevan in particular abound with endless opportunities for adventure. Whether you are looking into spending a night at a cozy cafe or want a historical detour, this city has a lot to offer. A harmonious blend of modern and ancient, Yerevan will give the utmost satisfaction to a meticulous explorer keen on history and an outgoing urbanite passionate about contemporary architecture or art alike.


Luxury is not the only thing Bergamo is committed to. In the time of this disastrous pandemic, everyone’s priority has – very rightfully so – been safety. Wearing masks and following the basic rules of hygiene is at the heart of containing the spread of the virus. But personal hygiene needs to be complemented by the superb cleanness of the area one is in. At Bergamo the rooms are never given just one good onceover – they are thoroughly disinfected. It’s done in brief intervals to ensure your experience is covid-free.


Bergamo is committed to luxury, elegance and convenience. In order to achieve these elements and offer them in varying degrees, we’ve designed four different types of room – standard, deluxe, lux and VIP. If you’d like to maximize the affluence of your experience you can opt for VIP. But if you want your stay to be luxurious yet at the same time simple, you can always choose either the standard or the deluxe options.