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VIP Room

6 People
3 Rooms
Large Guestroom
Disco Equipement
Garage Entry

Room Overview

The VIP room is a perfect choice for up to two entire families or a group of friends who wish to celebrate a birthday.

It’s perfect for up to six people: three rooms are each furnished with a king’s size bed. The best feature in the VIP room is the jacuzzi and the sauna available to you at all times. But that’s not all – a pool is also installed in the room for you to take a quick swim. And of course, all the necessities such as Wi-Fi, shower and basic furniture are readily available for your use. Finally, if you’re planning to get to Bergamo in your own car, don’t worry – there is a garage entry.

The room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to ensure a covid-free experience. The food is served to your room at your request. On top of this all, you can give us a call at any time if you need any help or would like to request additional services.

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