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Bergamo Hotel has redefined the concept of privacy and luxury once and for all. Located in Yerevan’s suburbs, this well-hidden spot endows you with the experience that is soothing yet luxurious to the point of royal. You can choose from top-notch rooms of various sizes. Exquisite food from our well-known kitchen will be served to the room at your request. At Bergamo you get the comfort you deserve.

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Arshakunyats 71/3


Nothing can feel better than a nice meal and soothing drink.At Bergamo we’ve ensured that you have the best dining experience out there. Offering tons of different options for food and drink, our kitchen will make your dining experience as satisfying as possible. Your comfort is our priority so we will serve the food you’ve ordered to your room. No additional fussing – tell us what you’d like by giving us a quick call and we’ll get you what you want in a matter of minutes.


Regardless of your choice of room from the plethora of options we provide, we will ensure that you get the convenience that’s unrivalled in this town.


At Bergamo we’ve strived to give you the comfort of home away from home. Whether you’re a resident of Yerevan who needs a quick restart or a non-resident who wishes to spend a day or two in this magnificent city, you’ll feel home at Bergamo. Except this home is an amalgam of top-notch comfort and unsurpassed elegance. Regardless of whether it’s a night with your best friends or a weekend with your loved one, Bergamo will never disappoint.

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